Browse And Download With MTN Using #70

I know this particular browsing and downloading unlimitedly with #70 on MTN has been around now for a while and many including me has been blazing with it. But for the benefit of those who had missed it or should i say the new comers, lolsss..  I was moved to put up this post knowing it will be beneficial to you after going through it and also applying to enjoy what i and others have been enjoying for a while now. Android smartphone is a great device which has come to stay but an Android phone without data to surf the internet is really nothing. Some android user are still spending much on data, while they are many alternative ways to browse and download unlimitedly with #0.00 or less money. In this article, I will be showing us again how to browse and download using MTN #70 BIS with Simple Android Server app.


  • An Android device running 2.3 and Above
  • #70 Airtime in your MTN SIM CARD
  • Simple Android Server which you can download here. PC users can download Simpleserver for pc here
  • Auto Proxy or ProxyDroid to power all apps in your Android Smartphone

Simple Server Settings For Android Users

After downloading simpleserver, install and launch it, Tap on settings and configure it as the follow:

>Listen port: 8080
>Proxy Host:
>Proxy Port: 8080
>Enable Proxy: YES
>Injection Method: HEAD
>Injection Query:
>Injection Host:
>Injection line: Just press enter 4 times and
>Leave it empty
>Click Ok
>Enable Injection: Tick to Enable
>Buffer Size: 8092
>Log Level: DEBUG

How To Make It Power All Apps On Android

After setting the above simpleserver, download Auto proxy.apk and configure it as follows for it to power all app on your device:

* - Host:
* - Port: 8080

Now, goto phone internet settings, creat new Access Point Name (APN) and configure it as follows:

NAME: Give it any name
PORT: 8080

Now, load #100 on your MTN SIM or transfer #70 to it. Goto message and send BBLITED to 21600 which cost #70. After receiving activation message, turn on your internet connection, launch simple server and also launch Auto proxy and start browsing & downloading. ENJOY...

For PC User
PC users should Download and extract PC SimpleServer to a new folder on your desktop background. Configure Your Modem With:

» APN:
» Proxy: leave it empty
» Port: leave it empty

Now, open the file you extracted, double-click "SimpleServer.exe"and make sure is always on open.

Configuration Settings For Mozilla Firefox

Launch Mozilla Firefox, goto Menu > Options > Advanced > Network. Now click on Settings and choose Manual Proxy Configuration and input as follows:

PORT: 8080

Now click "OK" and start blazing. Remember to tick: "Use this proxy server for all protocols".

See screenshots

To Download With It Using Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Launch IDM and click on Options, Proxy/ Socks and tick "Use Proxy" and input as follows:

» Proxy Server Address: 
» Port: 8080

See Screenshot:

That's it,  Start surfing and downloading with Mtn #70 Bis Subscription.

For the benefit of those who don't have Moderm, you can use your Android Wifi_Hot spot. Just subscribe and use your MTN default internet settings, then create hot spot from your Android smartphone and connect to your pc. Launch the PC simple server and start flexing.. 

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