How To See All Available Netflix Contents Before Subscribing

Recently we talked about Netflix being launched in Africa, especially Nigeria. Netflix has come to stay and so far so good, many has been enjoying Netflix till date. But the question here now is, How does one see the current content in Netflix before subscribing? Well, I actually did some digging and I found out that it is possible to see the list (endless or not) of all the content Netflix have on their platform.

Before I proceed on this tutorial, it will love to  acknowledgement the developers of this web tool – Unogs.

Introduction –  Unogs

If you are still late to the party, allow me state what Unogs can do, thereby giving the guide to get this done

Simply visit Unogs official website at Unogs – Go here

After clicking on that link, you will be taken to the site’s Country detail page. At the top right corner, click on Edit Country Details. When the next page loads, go to the top and click on the "Unselect All" button. Then choose any country.

After that, click the "Use Selected" at the top of the page. Then a fresh page loads and all video available for your Country is shown.

Now, it's left for you to decide whether to Netflix and Chill now or wait till they upload more.

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