How To Change Infinix Hot 4 pro Imei Without Rooting

Good day dear readers, techvillaz fans and all users of Infinix HOT 4 pro x556.

Without wasting much time,  lets quickly go to the subject matter. In this article,  i will be showing all users of Infinix HOT 4 pro how to easily change their device imei without the need to root their phone unlike Infinix hot 4 which requires root permission before successfully changing Imei.

How To Change Infinix Hot 4 Imei

To users of HOT 4 pro who needs to change their phone imei easily, simply follow below guide to change your phone Imei to enjoy the benefit of it.


1.  Download MTK Engineering mode.apk app from here and install.

2. Goto your app menu and launch MTK engineering mode.

3.  Click on "MTK settings" as seen below.

4.  Now,  swipe left to "Connectivity" and click on "CDS Information".

5.  Now, click on "Radio Information" afterwards as seen below.

6.  You will see "Phone 1 and Phone 2" as seen below.  Phone 1 means sim 1, while Phone 2 means sim 2.

Select phone 1 if changing sim 1 imei or select phone 2 if changing sim 2 imei.

7.  Now,  this is the tricky part,  but don't  worry,  you'll understand  it.

  • After selecting phone 1 or phone 2, you will be seeing below screenshot


  • Now simply type any letter after the  AT+ and then delete  the letter (only the letter).
  • After deleting the letter,  you will be seeing below screenshot.

  • AT+EGMR=1,7,"" means Sim 1
  • AT+EGMR=1,10,"" means Sim 2

8.  Select  AT+EGMR=1,7,"" if changing Sim 1 imei or select AT+EGMR=1,10,"" if changing Sim 2 imei.

  • E.g, i have clicked AT+EGMR=1,7,"" to change my sim 1 imei.

9.  Now, simply follow this pattern from there to change sim 1 imei:


replace xxxxxxxx with your 15 digits imei and then click on "SEND AT COMMAND" as seen below.

10.  Now,  simply reboot your phone for imei changes to take effect.

That's  it,  you have successfully changed your phone imei without rooting it.. Have any questions,  feel free to drop it via comment.


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