How To Use Google Assistant On Lollipop Android Phone

Noun at came out with pretty awesome goodies , including the all new AI-powered personal assistant. Initially Google Assistant was only limited to the Pixel phones but soon, the support was expanded to other devices running Nougat and Marshmallow. During the whole scenarios, Google probably overlooked the Lollipop users whiich still runs on 30.8% total Android devices worldwide. Now that’s not a small number and we believe that those users should be given the chance to enjoy a better personal assistant too instead of limiting it to Nougat users only.

Nikhilkumar038, an XDA member shared the same belief and came up with a neat and successful trick to launch and use Google Assistant on Lollipop based devices without root. The method required the user to launch a specific hidden Google activity using a dedicated app like the Nova Launcher or Activity Launcher. While the trick proved successful, it was still limited to the use of a specific launcher.

The problem is now finally sorted as XDA member Jovic77 has created an app that allows you to easily launch Google Assistant on Lollipop devices. It is known as “Google Assistant Launcher” and is solely based on Nikhilkumar038's method. The best part about the app is that it does not require you to root your phone at all

Do not confuse yourself with the name, it is not literally a complete launcher application. It doesn’t rely on an Activity launcher anymore. It rather makes use of Assist Intent to launch Google Assistant on Lollipop and upper versions. The app will now work with any installed launcher application of your choice.

How To Get Google Assistant Running On Your Lollipop Device

Enabling it is as easy as ABC but before you proceed ahead, go to Settings > Security on your Android device and enable the “Unknown sources” option.

1. Download the Google Assistant Launcher apk from here and install
2. Once you have it installed, go back to the homescreen and long-press the Home button. Choose “Google Assistant” as the default action and set it to “ALWAYS”. If you are installing it on Marshmallow or Nougat, select “Google App” as default.
3. Now to launch Google Assistant, simply long-press the home button and it shall unleash itself.

Its as simple as that and you can now enjoy Google Assistant on your device running lollipop


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